Self/evaluation for teachers/participants of Erasmus+

Joiner 4.0 – 2023-1-DE02-KA220-VET-000154860
Key competences for VET Joiners

Workpackage 2 Activity 2 – Colmar 15.01.2024 – 19.01.2024

Results oft the activity:


Number of participants:


Increase of competences:

95 % of participants


Quality and of the evaluation reports of participants:

Very good and large scope of the reports of participants

Evaluation of the different aspects of producing with CNC technology and production with standart machines:

Particitants listed the working steps of the different methods - 95 %

Software for Waste optimization of MDF boards:

After a presentation of the program the participants worked with the programm MAXCUT - 100 %

Digital diary:

100 % of the participants have learnt it

Evaluation of the paper self evaluation of students and teachers:

  1. What kind of new ideas you have got to the work for your individual working routine?
    Always try out new working steps.
    Writing the worksteps.
    Programming CNC machine must be very precise and test your pieces.
    Write the working steps down, what to do and which order.
    Use two different methods simultaneous in teaching.
    It is better to work in groups.


  2. How the program of this week Acitvity 2 in Colmar has worked?
    The solving of problems worked great.
    The program was fun, interesting and surprisingly productive, considering the language barrier.
    It was a good project to produce cabinets and a good exchange between the students.
    Teacher should not be so much involved.
    Very good! Very well (4x).Perfect. Well, even without visiting `Cuisine Schmidt´.
    A bit confusing in the beginning.
    All worked well, especially the situation in the groupwork.
    It has worked perfect.


  3. What kind of proposals you have to change, program, surroundings?
    When the programs for the CNC are given and the students don´t draw them, it would be better to not needing to program some small parts.
    Teachers should help, if help is needed.
    More structure.
    More presentation of what we are actually doing – in wasn´t clear.
    The program and the surroundings were good.
    I wouldn´t change anything.
    I wish we use more time to learn programs and use time to compare methods.


  4. What is your opinion of the group work?
    Do you have some proposals to change it?

    The groupwork was great, the change to interfere less in the students work was a good decision.
    The dynamic was very good, especially because we had to talk in English to progress with the project and to get to know each other.
    It is good to work with students from different countries to learn other working methods.
    Top! I think it works well like this. Top. All good.
    It was good that the groups got together from time to time to report on the progress of this work.
    Group work is a good choice.
    The group work was awesome. It was cool to get in touch with other nationalities and other workflows. Also good to practice the english language.


  5. Do you have some proposals for the next activity in Liberec?
    The first day was a bit slow, somehow starting a bit faster would be better.
    Keep everything the same, I liked it very much.
    Sightseeing trip.
    Drawing from every individual workpiece.
    Solid wood would be used.
    Responsibility for working have to be spread evenly not only one person.
    Video material for learning book – material for learning.
    Maybe visiting the town.
    Not really. D it the way like in Colmar.


  6. Something else you want to mention for this project week?
    It was great working together with such a diverse cast of people. While there were some problems, there were always solutions that were communicated well.
    It was a very good experience with very good and nice students.
    Thank you for the opportunity.
    It was awesome because of all the people surrounding me (teachers and students).
    It was a good and productive week.
    Thank you Pascal!
    It was fun week and it gave so much new information.
    Because of the weather conditions we couldn´t visit the factory. The moulder was not in suitable settings for working with the template. Otherwise everything went allright.
    Important is the preparation in the beginning. As teacher be sure, that everything is working well.

Add individual remarks:

  • I find, that the week work from the students was very effective and they have very good work together.
  • The week was very fine! A very good experience with new trainees to learn new worksteps and to work together with them.
  • It was a fun working with the other students and teachers. I am looking forward to meet some in Liberec.
  • Some parts of the work was easy to do with the traditional machines, but some parts much more difficult comparing with CNC machine.
  • Project is too large and we need more time to make comparition between two methods.
  • The work was great and fun and it was good working in teams.
  • I liked the group work. I was able to see the working methods of other countries.
  • Nice to work with other nationalities.
  • Teachers should help when they are asked for help, let the students be more independent while working and coming up with productive ideas.