Self/evaluation for teachers/participants of Erasmus+

Joiner 4.0 – 2023-1-DE02-KA220-VET-000154860
Key competences for VET Joiners

Workpackage 2 Activity 3 – Liberec 11.02.2024 – 16.02.2024

Results oft the activity:


Number of participants:


Increase of competences:

92 %


Quality and of the evaluation reports of participants:

Very good and wide selection of participant reports

Overall understanding of a 2D drawing:

Very good - 95 %

Knowledge and understanding of how to produce a plywood chair with stationary and handheld machinery:

Knowledge and understanding increased a lot- 90 %

Knowledge and application of CNC programming: contour, vertical and horizontal milling with WoodWOP 6.1 software:

Participants learned and developed WoodWOP 6.1. software very nicely - 92 %

Knowledge and understanding of the English terminology for joinery, machinery and woodworking in general:

Participants know the terminology of the field very well and learn more all the time - 90 %

Verbal communication regarding challenges during production:

verbal communication went very well and working in a group helped in difficult situations - 90 %

Proficiency in collaborating with international students within a team setting:

Very good - 90 %

Identifying and contrasting the production methods of producing a plywood chair using stationary and handheld machinery versus utilizing a programmable CNC machine:

Particitants listed the working steps of the different methods which were discussed with everyone at the end - 94 %

Your satisfaction with the training activities you experienced while in Liberec:

The participants were really satisfied - 92 %

  1. List the new techniques you acquired while in Liberec which could enhance your individual work routine?
    Make small models with a 3D printer.
    Working and drawing in Woodwap.
    working with a Template, basic knowledge for the CNC program, english skills further developed.
    Better understanding of the different ways to be able to work in the workshop with the hand tools.
    The basics of CNC programming.
    Producing interactive learning videos with a special software.
    More CNC


  2. How would you rate the overall experience/program (Activity 3) of this week in Liberec?


    I was great to meet people from foreign country and to work with them, because u have to overcome the language barrier to have the work done
    Very good 5/5
    9/10, was great, lots of fun, but when CNC was done, we had to wait a long time and that was a bit boring
    It has been a lovely week in Czech Repulic.
    Great Hosts and a well coordinated daily routine. All students got to a good product. The Hotel was amazing and also the food. We are so happy!
    Always nice to meet other people and share experience and thought's with. Students and teachers.
    Regarding the program it could have been nice, if the students could have experienced both manufacturing processes in person, instead of only, manuel or machined. So they could see, feel and experience the difference directly in person.
    I'm pretty amazed how fun and exciting it's been. People have been so kind and generous. I also appreciate that there was enough free time rather than working all day from morning to late evening.


  3. List any proposals you may have for improving the general experience of the program and/or the surroundings?
    I don't have any. I think that it' well organized.
    I would like to forbid the teachers to be involved with the craftmanship. if a student makes mistakes on his or hers piece they should live with it and accept the mistake.
    Using an virtual mask in the time of the lesson.
    Better drawings and exlpaining what tools and machines can or cannot the students use.
    vacuum cleaners should be used more often. Cleaning with compressed air should be avoid.
    Maybe it would be cool if all students could produce some sort of small workpiece via CNC so they can see the difference by themselves.
    I really appreciate the motivation and engagement of planning the week. the only thing were the drawings and measures that confused us in some steps.


  4. How was your experience with working in groups? Please, list any suggestions you have for improving it.
    Good, i think mixing the groups in different countries is the way to go
    Very good.
    I had great experience. Everyone was really friendly so the work was way easier when everyone is kind n friendly
    They had to talk a lot about the work to know exactly what they had to do.
    it was a struggle the first couple of days but once we knew each other it was nice and easy.
    Great working in small grops, maybe consider if all tasks - like working on a computer - is a one person job.
    The groups worked very friendly and with high level.
    Maybe all Members could say some words in the beginning of the workshop, where they are from, where they live and what are their main goals for the week, so that it make it easier to get in contact right from the start.
    Good. Great team. Enthusiastic woodworkes who didn't try to avoid doing, on a contrarary. Good english skills.


  5. List any suggestions you have for improving the experience for the students who will participate in the upcoming event in Copenhagen:
    Information about recycling old materials in wood
    less computer work
    Use more old materials.
    Meet some new people, dont be shy and focus on your learning process
    To open the mind and just speak with others and dont be scared for misunderstanding
    i think the current concept works
    you could try to support the interaction of the different states in free time, with mixing the seats
    Maybe use an hour or two on getting people to know eather other. Names, Language Skill and way of working
    Too little time to answer this form.


  6. Please share any other comments you have which are not covered in this evaluation:
    I had a great time. I think projects like this are important
    I liked week in Liberec so much.
    I like the way people get to know each other and those dinners we had together were really good, because you can talk to anybody so we got to know each other pretty well
    thank you for the great time I had
    I don’t have anything more to say. It was good and i enjoy it.
    It was a nice time and i am thankful for the possibility to come to Liberec.
    This is a good experience. Thank you the opportunity.
    Thanks for a great time in Liberec and friendly support over the whole week.

Add individual remarks:

  • As a teacher I enjoyed seeing the students come together, working on a common project and sharing their skills and increasing their teamwork abilities.

  • The week has gone well. it'sgreat to see how well students from different countries group together and work together.

  • Overall, I found the week to be a fantastic experience and would encourage others to participate. Although I think the level of activity was challenging for most of the students, I believe that the time could have been used more wisely for the plywood chair, allowing for a more in depth look at WoodWop, VR and 3D printing.

  • Always nice to meet other people and share experience and thought's with. Students and teachers. Regarding the program it could have been nice, if the students could have experienced both manufacturing processes in person, instead of only, manuel or machined. So they could see, feel and experience the difference dirfectly in person.

  • Planning such a project is a difficult and time consuming effort, so I felt the experience was well worth it. Perhaps, a slightly shorter work day with more intensity in the workshop. As a teacher, I would appreciate more involvement or perhaps a joint project to help the students. Great time, nonetheless.

  • Thanks a lot @Tomas and Vasek for your great work and effort in making all this happen! Great Job you two!