Liberec Report Work package 2 - Activity 3


Monday, 12.02.2024 - Friday, 16.02.2024


8:15 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.


Stredni Skola Katerinky, Horska 167, 46014 Liberec, Czech Republic


Students: Jan Markus Koivula, Attila Ticzer, Lorenzo Fadigas, William Barker, Zora Ohlenbusch, Anna – Lehna Böhm, Janek Brünjes, Leo Petersen, Anton Leunbach Oestergaard, Axel Fuglschlosser, Jakub Zvadil, Dominik Soic


Teachers: Isabelle Ladrat, Pascal Michel, Hans Janssen, David Schütz, Jukka Jussila, Cedric Girroy,   Tomas Jakubicka, Vaclav Kulhanek, Thorsten Brunckhorst, Serge Raymond Bossman, Eric Brom, Tim Wieczorek, Mahir Yenigün, Visa Meisalmi

Monday, 12.02.2024

We started the week project on Monday morning by discovering the project on which the students will work: a take away chair (Charity Chair) made with plywood 18 mm. This chair must be built in two different ways: two big chairs with the CNC machine and the other two (smaller ones) in the manual traditional way with standart machines. For this reason, on Monday morning we got a lesson on how to work and to program with WoodWOP (a programming system which can be directly connected to the CNC machine). WoodWOP is the software of the Homag group for programming the CNC machine. After lunch, students were divided into four groups in order to get them the opportunity to communicate about the different production and programming steps only in English.

Each group gathered and took some time to see how they could manage and cope with some difficulties, discussing on the drawings. Then they start cutting each part of the chair: the two sides part, the back part and the seat part in using mainly the circular table saw.

At 3.30pm we stopped to get a very quick reflection on how it went. At 4.15pm, we took the bus to go back to the centre. At 7.00 p.m. we met each other for a dinner in a traditional Czech restaurant: Radnicni Sklipek.

Tuesday, 13.02.2024

We arrived at school at 8.15am, and everybody went back to work. The CNC machine groups were still programming in order to get ready to go to TANPA company in the afternoon so as to cut their pieces with the CNC machine (the CNC machine at school broke a few days before our arrival). These students also used the planer in order to get some thickness, and then they sanded each panel with sandpaper. The other two groups were still in the very first part of the process: measuring, drawing the right dimensions on the panels, drawing the quarter circles of the back part and the side parts with the help of the template or a compass, drawing the circles with pencils for the pocket. The second part of the process was to cut the rough edges with the bandsaw and to finish the edges with the sanding machine. Then they used the drill and the jigsaw in order to drill the handles.

To cut the panels in quarter circles, one group made a template and they fixed the hand router on it. The template was fixed on the panel, so that they could rotate and get this quarter circle. As soon as the panels were done, the students sand them either with a moulding machine where a sanding paper system is fixed, or with a disc sanding machine. To get the pocket done easier and faster, another group made a template as well.

After lunch, at 1.30pm, we took a bus to go to TANPA company in another part of the town of Liberec, which currently operates in household and furniture manufacturing sector. We came over with the two big chairs’ parts in order to cut them with the CNC machine.

At 4.00pm, we took the bus again and went up to Jested Mountain, on top of which stands the TV transmitter and hotel built by the architect Karel Hubacek.

Wednesday, 14.02.2024

Before starting working, we were explained the educational system in Czech Republic, and to be graduated in joinery. Then, each group went back to their work. For the CNC machine groups, they started to assemble the parts together to be sure everything was fine. Then they used the hand router in order to mill the handles and the grooves. After this process, while some students were sanding each part with sandpaper, some others were making some block keys to get the whole project steady. At the end of the morning, the students finished their chairs and assembled them. They screwed two wood feet under each side part in order not to damage the plywood over time. In the afternoon, for the finishing, they apply some oil on each part.

For the other two groups, during the whole morning, they were finishing the quarter circles with the disc sanding machine, and the handles (pockets) with the hand router. After this process, they used the biscuits machine to do the grooves into the crossbars, the side parts, the back and seat parts. Then, the next step was to assemble all parts together to be sure everything was fine.

After lunch, we could have an insight into how the departments of Katerinky school can work together: we met two colleagues from the 3D printing department. Indeed, in design department, students design furniture and other interior fittings, which can be made then by the trainees in the carpentry department. 3D printers and VR glasses are also used in the modelling process.

At 3.30pm, we took a bus to go to visit Svijany brewery during one hour. This brewery was established in 1564 and is one of the oldest Czech breweries. We had a full tour and beer tasting.

Thursday, 15.02.2024

Before starting the day, we were explained the course of the day. Then, some teachers had the opportunity to test Virtual Reality.

As for the students, the CNC groups re-assembled their chairs and start to sand them again. After this process, they applied another coat of natural furniture oil. The other two groups were still working on the biscuits cutting, then using the hand router to make the quarter circles. After then, they assembled all the parts with the biscuits and glued everything altogether, fixing each chair with clamps for about one hour.

After lunch, the students discussed in groups about the finality of their project and about their experience. They thought about the pros and cons of working with a CNC, or working with hands, and made an oral report in front of the teachers.At the end of the day, we took photos of the group with the European flag in the background symbolising our European cooperation and partnership.

In the evening, we were invited to Radnicni Sklipek, a traditional Czech restaurant where we had a wonderful time with the whole group, students and teachers.

Friday, 16.02.2024

Before going back home, we had a meeting at 8.15am in the workshop in order to give an individual oral report on our week in Liberec, on our feelings about working in team, on our challenges speaking in a foreign language to be understood. After this, we went in a classroom to fill in a final evaluation on the computer, and watched a film made by two teachers, summarising very well how the whole week took place.