Self/evaluation for teachers/participants of Erasmus+

Joiner 4.0 – 2023-1-DE02-KA220-VET-000154860
Key competences for VET Joiners

Workpackage 2 Activity 1 – tampere 19.11.2023 – 24.11.2023

Results oft the activity:


Number of participants:


Increase of competences:

78 %


Competence of working in a team with foreign students:

100 %

Knowledge of many terms of joinery an machinery in English:

Very good - 100 %

Verbal communication about production issues:

Particiapant have good results 87 %

Programming a CNC program drilling vertical, horizontal:

56 %

Programming CNC machine:

54 %

Verbal communication about CNC issues:

Good communication 74 %

I am very satisfied with the training activities:

Very good - 88 %

Comparison between conventional woodworking an woodworking with a programmable CNC machine:

Very good - 83 %

I can evaluate the different production methods:

Very good - 96 %

Knowledge how to produce a small video:

Average because of less time 42 %

  1. What kind of new ideas you have got to the work for your individual working routine?
    Better communication
    Some construction of the bench was not too solid
    Machines can be used in many different ways
    Improving my English a little bit
    Use much more didactical network activities


  2. How the program of this week Activity 1 has worked?

    We have a little bit space to be better. That was good for 85 %
    Good for 90 %
    That was good, it will be better when the teacher will not work on project
    The week was good. The project was fun. We used all the machines in the project.
    The benches were build in time and the groupwork got better every day
    We needed more information and introduction
    I did really enjoy the whole program: it was pretty varied and we had some good fun during night time dinner. Quite good communication with students.
    Really well
    We worked well, starting from the simplest to the most complicated
    Very good. Perfectly in the teams with different nations.
    So cool, we work well. I find it was a nice week program
    Very well, everything is finished


  3. What kind of proposals you have to change, program, surroundings?
    Prepare things much better from the schools where we come from
    Let work more students than teachers
    We can´t see the project drawings before work
    Make a list with all useful vocabulary on it to ensure that every student can talk to each other
    Clear communication about the plan for each day
    Have a meeting in the beginning oft he day.
    More time to read drawing
    Each group gets their own tools and hand machines


  4. What is your opinion of the group work? Do you have some proposals to change it?
    Positiv, was great
    Make sure, that every person have a task they can work. The teachers should just take photos and videos.
    Introduction to the CNC
    It was the best we could do, to work in different teams
    To study the drawings in the whole group, and later in the small groups
    There should be scheduled time each day for short status/evaluation meetings
    Group work is good, fun, no changes
    The group work was a good way to get shown how other people work in their home country


  5. Do you have some proposals for the next activity in Colmar?
    Better communication on construction
    Better preparation before we meet in school
    Some local activities
    I would like to learn more traditional way of woodworking
    If possible, all students in the same hotel
    Training for the programming of the CNC machine


  6. Something else you want to mention for this project week?
    Thanks for this Erasmus. It`s a big opportunity for students and teachers. Thank you.
    I am really happy that I was here. I found lot of new ways how to work in another school.
    Thank you, that I can be here. I got here lot of experience in this nice workshop.
    It was very nice to learn about woodwork of different countries.
    The students were not included in the video work.
    Talking with people from different nationalities was great.
    A very enriching week with very good people, students as teachers.
    Tired but happy!
    Everything worked well. Thanks to Jukka for everything.
    Nice week, Jukka made a very good program and organized it very well.

Add individual remarks:

  • As a teacher who doesn`t have a specific and deep knowledge on joinery, I had been
    learning for the whole days. I really appreciated how some students made some reflections on things which worked and on things which didn`t. I really enjoyed one part of the training activities: to find smart ideas in order to cope with assembling, or manufactoring.

  • I was happy to see how good the persons from each group went quick together.

  • Teamtraining with the CNC program