Tampere Report Work package 2 - Activity 1


Monday, 20.11.2023 - Friday, 24.11.2023


9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.


TREDU Hepolamminkatu 10, Building E Wood department TAMPERE  


Students: Aaron Born, Cedric Weiss, Mikko Tuomisto, Tobias Mikkola, Matthieu Fromm, Franck Baumgart, Mette Porskaer Benzin, Nina Amalie Donev, David Holecek, Simon Svatek, Lasse Winter, Sebastian Hedicke


Teachers: Pascal Michel, Hans Janßen, Ulli Fregin, Isabell Ladrat, Judith Köpke, Thorsten Brunckhorst, Jerome Weijers, Tomas Jakubicka, Milan Sadek, Matti Jokinen, Jukka Jussila

Monday, 20.11.2023

The first meeting with the whole group coming from 5 different countries took place in Tredu on Monday, 20th at 9.00 a.m. We made a general introduction, visited the different parts of the workshop and had a presentation of some machines. Then, we split into four groups with students of different nationalities in each group in order to work on the same project (a bench whose dimensions are 900cm long, 350cm wide and 450 high), but with three different manners to make it. It was decided that two groups would manufacture a ‘modern `bench´, that is with metal connectors. Another group would focus on the building of a ‘traditional bench’, that is in using mortise, tenons and finger joints and the last one would work on a ‘domino’ bench, which means in using dominos, manufactured with ash and oak. For the other groups, birch was selected, except for the traditional bench in which the students would use birch and recycling wood for the middle crossbar. One group chose an environmentally friendly manufacturing process by sawing up an old bed and using the wood to make the bench. This approach is part of the "Green Erasmus" of the entire project group.

It was also decided that there would be some students responsible for shooting videos and some others responsible for creating an Instagram account. Students used the crosscut circular saw in order to cut the wood plank at the right dimension in order to get the top of the bench. They used the bandsaw so as to remove the raw material on the edges. At 2.pm we stopped working and went to Mediapolis, a centre of storytelling and digital industries, located in the Tohloppi district of the city of Tampere.

Around 4.30, we went back to the hotel for free time. At 7.00pm we had dinner at Hook, a good place for burgers!

Tuesday, 21.11.2023

Each group kept on working on their different parts of the bench, using different machines. After having cut the top of the bench into several parts, the students glued them together and they fixed clamps and side clamps. Then they used the thickness planer so as to remove some dry glue, and get a smooth surface. For the feet, in order to manufacture the mortises, some students used the bandsaw or the vertical router.

In the afternoon, at 3.30pm, we went to Museum Centre Vapriikki located beside the Tammerkoski rapids: this place offers dozen of exhibitions to see with varied themes, including history, technology and natural sciences. At 6.00pm we decided to have a dinner in a Chinese restaurant.

Wednesday, 22.11.2023

Students kept on working on their projects while teachers were having a meeting to talk about different points to fix: who’s doing what? Who’s responsible for the videos? How to organise Instagram account? Another group worked on the feet to make the dominos on the small CNC machine. Then, the students sanded the feet with sanding paper. In order to get the edge clean at the bottom of each foot, they used a Ruwi moulding machine.

As for the side crossbar, one group drilled some holes with the vertical drilling machine, then they used the square drilling mortise machine in order to get the two mortises. In order to make the tenons on each side of the side crossbar, they used the Japanese saw and the bandsaw. As for the drilling and screw, they used the vertical drilling machine. Another group used the hand domino machine in order to fix the dominos on each side of the side cross frame.The last group had to manufacture a double side cross frame and a middle crossbar in order to be sure it couldn’t break or damage the system during the CNC machining. After the processing, they could cut each part into two parts in order to get the right piece without damage, and used the drilling machine to finish the holes.


Meanwhile, a teacher conducted training for all participants on how to operate the robot for vertical and horizontal drilling.

In order to get round edges for the top part of the bench, some students manufactured a round template: they used the plug cutting. They used this small piece to draw some curved lines on each corner of the top, so as to be able to make a round-edged template. Later they used the spinning machine for getting round edges. To make the middle cross frame with finger joints, the students used the Japanese saw. Another middle crossbar was made with the horizontal drilling machine and the vertical one.

We stopped working at 4.00pm and students worked in groups for fifteen minutes in order to get a critical reflection on their project, the positive issues and the challenging ones. Each group presented their assessment, and one teacher took notes. At 5.00pm, we went for experiencing shooting and archery in the high school, while having grilled sausages. We stopped at 6.00 and went back to the hotel, and went to have dinner. Nice evening!

Thursday, 23.11.2023

Each group started again working: to fix the side cross frame, two groups glued the dominos before assembling the parts together (feet and side crossbars). The second group fixed the side crossbar with tenons in the mortises of the feet. In order to fix the middle cross frame, one group assembled it in joining the finger joints in the mortise of the side crossbar.

As for the Tampere bench, first they used the horizontal dowel machine for the middle cross frame. Then, they drilled into the side cross frame with the vertical drilling machine to get the holes for the metal connectors. Before assembling everything, they had to control and check that all their processing worked well, joined together well. The next step was to drill the side crossbar with the middle crossbar in drilling them together with the metal connectors. Before starting the sanding and oiling, and fixing the top, each group had to check that every bench was well-fixed. Then the next step was the sanding and oiling part:

At 4.00pm, each group was ready to assemble their parts of their bench in order to get the whole project finished. Each bench was presented to each team and each teacher: we took some pictures of their projects and of the whole Erasmus+ group. At 4.30pm we left the school by car because of a bus strike in Tampere. After some free time, we met at 7.00pm in the brewery restaurant Plevna with all the teachers, coordinators and the students to celebrate our partnership and the end of the stay.

Friday, 24.11.2023

On Friday morning at 9.00pm, we first did the evaluation of the project week at Tredu High School. We had to finalise the planning of the next meeting in Colmar which will take place in January, to talk about the other projects planned for the future months in Liberec and Copenhagen.